Sew Athletic Jackets & More

Sew Athletic Jackets has been producing quality custom letterman jackets for over 12 years right here in Pierce County.



Letterman Jackets & Club Jackets

Sew Athletic Jackets takes pride in the quality, affordability and customizing of all our jackets. Sew Athletic Jackets offers a wide range of jacket styles & sizes to choose from including a vast array of wool body and leather/wool sleeve colors; numerous sleeve options i.e. two-tone or with accenting braid or cord edging, or shoulder insert. Whatever your needs are Sew Athletic Jackets will help customize your jacket specifically for you!

All chenille patches are made here at Sew Athletic Jackets. At Sew Athletic Jackets we believe every athlete or club should be able to show their personality and accomplishments with pride and affordability. You can have a full complete jacket made all at once or get your jacket and have patches added as your accomplishments grow and budget allows.

Already have your jacket? Have new accomplishments you would like to display? Sew Athletic will do Add-on’s to your jacket. Add-ons can be Center Patches, Year Patches, District & State Stars, League Champs or personal achievement records, etc. The only limitation is your imagination.

Sew Athletic Jackets does not charge an art fee; so bring in your ideas or choose from our many designs and see what we can make for you!

Embroidery & Apparel

Sew Athletic Jackets also provides custom embroidery services and apparel in addition to letterman jackets; whether you’re looking for a great professional look in the office, workplace or for a Spirit Pack for school sports. Sew Athletic Jackets has a selection of stock embroidery designs and also offers custom design embroidery for a one time digitizing fee (depending on stitch count).

Sew Athletic also offers a wide assortment of embroidered shirts, polo’s, athletic apparel, jackets, bags and accessories that can be customized with your logo.